Recognized by Israel Innovations Authority AS one of 2018, 10 breakthrough MedTechs

Barimote News & EVENTS

The 5th USPTO patent was granted


 - 24/10/2017 - Barimote was granted it's 5th USPTO patents 3 more to go.  

GoforIsrael2018 Conference


 - 5/3/2018 -    Barimote CEO at GoforIsrael2018  Conference, meetings with potential investors.

Competing at MIXiii BIOMED 2018


 - 23/4/2018 - Barimote has been chosen by the Israel Innovation Authority and the MIXiii BIOMED 2018 steering committee to        participate in the startup competition.  

Presenting at MIXiii BIOMED 2018

- 15-16/5/2018 - Barimote CEO presenting at the Biomed 2018 and atracted a lot of attention.

 - 15-16/5/2018 - Barimote presenting at the Biomed 2018 and attracted a lot of attention.  

Presenting at MIXiii BIOMED 2018


- 15-/5/2018 - Barimote CTO  discussing & presenting our technology at the Biomed 2018. 

One of 10 Breakthrough technologies for 2018


- 22/5/2018 - Barimote in the media " 10 breakthrough health techs emerging from Israel , ISRAEL21c takes a look at some of the brightest and best new health startups on show at last week’s MIXiii-Biomed conference. By Nicky BlackburnMay 22, 2018, 11:20 am"

Barimote News & EVENTS

Participating at IFSO-EC 2018 Athens Greece


- 18-20/5/2018 Barimote CEO participated at the IFSO-EC in Athens Greece and presented the  technology to Bariatric surgeons during one on one meetings. Several opinion leaders were highly enthusiastic about the contribution our technology may have on their practice.

The 2018 Brabant event in Tel-Aviv


 -  4/6/2018 - Barimote CEO  participated at the Brabant event in Tel-Aviv - meetings with Dutch companies to explore possible cooperation.  

Changsha 2018 Investment summit


- 5-7/6/2018 - Bartimote was invited to participate at the "Israeli High-Tech Enterprises - Chinese Public Companies” Investment Summit, Changsha, China." Our CTO presented the Barimote project at the summit.

At the 2018 New York Venture Summit



-10-11/7/2018 - Barimote CEO  participated at "The 2018 New York Venture Summit" and presented the technology to potential investors.

Barimote presented at Shanghai Creation Medtech Investment Roadshow


- 24/3/2019 Barimote CEO presented at the Shanghai Creation Medtech Investment Roadshow  and gained a lot of attention.

At MIXiii BIOMED 2019


- 14-16/5/2019 Barimote CEO participated at MIXiii BIOMED 2019 in Tel-Aviv.  Excellent  meetings and new opportunities.